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Kate Moss | Nick Knight | Vogue Italia December 2010 Anne of Carversville

Sensuality reigns supreme in today’s fashion editorials. We have mild peppers and mighty-spicey ones. In every case, females are imaged beautifully by the world’s most talented photographers.We start with two from Kate Moss.

Kate Moss | Alasdair McLellan | i-D Fall Winter 2010 Anne of Carversville

Gisele Bundchen | Steven Meisel | ‘Rubber Soul’ | Vogue Italia December 2010 Anne of Carversville

You are looking at Gisele. Surprised? Steven Meisel plays with the most subtle innuendos of sexual fetish.

Orchids are our very favorite plants. The following editorial from The Room contains extensive nudity. We can’t honestly tell you if there’s an orchid in the pot or not. We sort of didn’t notice extra details.

Réka Ebergényi | István Lábady | ‘Flesh of the Orchid’ | The Room  Sensuality News

Karl Lagerfeld’s thoughts about religion, feminism and goddesses are fascinating for a change. It will be interesting to examine public reaction to the Pirelli Calendar images which are very stark and beautiful.

Karl Lagerfeld | Pirelli Calendar 2011 | The Female Divinities & Muses Are Feminists Anne of Carversville

Miranda Kerr | Carlotta Moye | Vogue Australia January 2011 Anne of Carversville

Miranda Kerr is the most magnificent young woman, saying the most beautiful words about the baby growing inside her womb.