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Lara Stone and Monica Bellucci Choose To Eat Eve’s Apple  Anne of Carversville

Body | Beauty | Culture Lara Stone appears in a far less controversial new ad than her Calvin Klein Jeans appearance, bringing women natural bounty and goodness in her new DKNY Be Delicious ad.

Yesterday Monica Bellucci compared herself to a mature, ripe pear. Simply stated these two women enjoy life to the fullest. Here Monica appears in an Ellen Von Unwerth photo session.

Next up a deliciously simple smear of red lipstick on model Barbara Palvin’s lips reminded us the stain of sin, the definitions of sensuality in Webster’s that caused Anne of gasp in disbelief.

If you’ve never read the definition of sensuality, be sure to read the Lara Stone and Monica Bellucci Eve’s Apple post, Solve Sundsbo lensing Anja Rubik is a sophisticated state of deep sensuality, and lastly our major summary article of 20 sizzling Lara Stone editorials, pulled together for readers.

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