Juicy Bits | Colombia's Beauty Queens, Old Roosters, High Fat-Low Dopamine


Juicy Bits| Before we jump all over Colombia for its fixation of female backsides as part of its national obsession with beauty pageants, consider that when a pageant is in full swing — one of 400 in Colombia each year — homicides and robbery rates decrease about 40 percent. 

NYTimes Lens Blog features the photographs of Carl Bower, whose project “Chica Barbie” was a finalist for the New York Photo Festival Book Award this year. 

Our first thought is to wonder if Shakira is connected with the pageants in any way.  Anne’s journey to Anne of Carversville began in Colombia decades ago. Read her original journal article, a key one that launched Group Sensuality:  Shakira, A Smart Sensuality Activist, Take Me Back to Colombia, Where My Life Journey Really Began. 

Anne remembers soldiers everywhere in Colombia (in the 70s), confirming what she was reading in her political science books.  

Aging Roosters, Female Hens

No old roosters pop up in her memories of this gorgeous country Colombia, torn by political violence. Today roosters are reserved for Trinidad where the misguided peacocks woke her up before dawn. Come to think of it, there were also a few roosters on Carversville Road. 

As science discovers that aging, less fertile and sexually-robust roosters still try to dominate hens of every age, Anne wonders what role old roosters play in Colombia’s beauty pageants. Presumably they’re in charge.

Reduced Dopamine, War, Violence and Cupcakes

The impact of a high-fat diet on national propensity to violence isn’t clear yet. America is a top study, but Colombia beats us out.

Scientists know now that a high-fat diet like America’s not only reduces brain capacity but now dopamine levels, too.  We’re trying to understand how the high-fat, extra sugar cupcake wars play out in the international landscape of foreign relations.

We’re wondering this morning, if violent countries should eat more cupcakes or fewer. Suddenly, the cupcake wars may be involved in the peace process. Stay tuned as we learn how cupcakes play out in Colombia and the future of beauty pageants.