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RoseTracker| Sometimes a girl just wants to have fun. These gems caught our discerning eye in the past day or two:

(Above) Choc Chic’s Fashionista Shoe and Handbag Chocolates Anne’s ‘Sensually Yours’

(Above and below) We simply adore the accessories designs of Aussie-raised, now Paris-educated Dior intern Sarah Schofield. See Sarah Schofield for Dior | Institut Francais de la Mode at Sensuality News.

We so adore this sensual, skin-revealing Purple Magazine #14 editorial of Tati Cotliar, imaged by Johan Sandberg, that we’re waiting for its opposite to appear. One of the edgiest publications around, is Purple forecasting a strong showing by uptown beauties this season? Talk about a trend reversal.

We tend to park our naked ladies at Sensuality News, to keep Google Images happy. Tati Cotliar delivers but very discretely.

Tati Cotliar | Johan Sandberg | Purple #14 | Fall-Winter 2010

Anne loves furs coats, and while she doesn’t wear them anymore — honoring the principles of Green Beings — she fully understands why women relish luscious fur on our bodies.

Heidi Lindgren | GUESS by Marciano | Playboy France Sensuality News

Heidi Lindgren looks fabulous in her debut ads for GUESS by Marciano, although she’s wearing more clothes than in her Playboy France editorial running simultanously.We link to both.

More often than not, today’s Smart Sensuality woman opts for faux fur, choosing to look like Jeneil Williams, lensed by Ben Weller for Bon International #18 via Anne of Carversville