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Camilla Akrans | Romina Lanaro | ‘Wild, Wild West’ | Flair October 2007 Anne of Carversville

The only problem with images as beautiful as this 2007 American West editorial by one of our favorite photgraphers Camilla Akrans or even more importantly, these images of earth released by the US Geological Survey and taken by satellites create a false sense of wellbeing, in the midst of spectacular beauty.

Like a gorgeous, red sunset in lower Manhattan, the brilliantly beautiful sky effects are produced by bad stuff, speaking environmentally.  Satellite sensors also produce special effects.

Seen through the “eyes” of a satellite sensor, ribbons of Saharan sand dunes seem to glow in sunset colors. These patterned stripes are part of Erg Chech, a desolate sand sea in southwestern Algeria, where the prevailing winds create an endlessly shifting collage of large, linear sand dunes. The term erg is derived from an Arabic word for a field of sand dunes. via Wired

See many more spectacularly arousing images of our precious earth Earth at Wired.

An absolutely set of stunning sensual fashion images articulates the relationship of Smart Sensuality values on style and environment. Like the new Unilever sustainability plan, the photos of Gabriella Toth are boldly controversial. 

To us they represent a vision of 21st century Smart Sensuality life and the shocking controversies on the road ahead.

Gabriella Toth | Pierre Dal Corso | ‘Seduction’| Fiasco Magazine Anne of Carversville