Judge Rules US National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional

HopeTracker| This week US District Judge Barbara B. Crabb of Wisconsin ruled that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. The decision is relevant as one in an ongoing push from Conservatives to have the founding of America defined as a religious act and not one establishing clear lines of demarcation between our government and religion.

Judge Crabb sees America as defined by religious liberty and pluralism, meaning that the government may not promote religous messages that are matters of individual conscience. See Washington Post. A formal appeal to President Obama to appeal the decision will be held in Washington on Monday, April 19th according to the ChristianNewsWire. Conservatives calls Judge Crabb’s decision the worst kind of ‘judicial activism’.

In spite of massive Internet rumors to the contrary, President Obama will issue a proclamation — as he did last year — affirming the special day of reflection onn the first Thursday in May. USA Today’s Faith & Reason channel has an excellent article with names of key organizations pro and con in this ongoing discussion about the role of religion in American life.