Judge Phillips Likely To Deny Government Request for Stay on DADT

HopeTracker| A Federal Court of Appeal has granted a temporary stay of execution on Judge Phillips’s ruling. Read NYC story at end of article.


Conservatives argue that U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips is an activist judge making policy. Philips believes that she’s defending the Constitutional rights of American citizens and is living proof of the separation of branches of government written by the founding fathers … and Abigail and Martha, having some post-coital pillow talk with their men. 

We can all agree that if Judge Philips was elected, not appointed, she would be destroyed in her next election bid.

The federal judge said on Monday that she’s leaning toward denying a government request to delay her order halting the military from enforcing its ban on openly gay troops.

Phillips said the government has not proven that her order would harm troops or in any way impede efforts to implement new regulations for the military to deal with openly gay service members. Members of the Log Cabin Republicans, who filed the lawsuit in 2004, say the government and military have had six years to respond and prepare for a verdict agreeing that their rights are violated.

The government has already announced that it will appeal the ruling if Judge Phillips doesn’t issue a stay of exeuction against her ealier worldwide order against DADT. Read on at CBS News