'Journey' Art Exhibit Probes Deep into Sex Trafficking

Love | Peace Actress Emma Thompson  isn’t playing a movie role when the topic is her latest project, an exhibit called “Journey”, now open in New York.

“Journey” focuses on the heartbreaking conditions that victims of the sex trade focus on every day. Human trafficking is big business around the world, and it’s getting bigger.

“You can make $150,000 from one girl in a year … because moving people around the place is easier than moving guns around,” the two-time Academy Award-winning British actress said on ABC News “Good Morning America.”

The major message of of Thompson’s interview is thaat sex trafficking is a domestic issue in America and Europe, not only developing countries. The trafficking of women is escalating rapidly, joining drugs and arms as big business.

Thompson reminds us that it’s much easier to move women than guns from one country to another. To watch Thompson’s ABC News interview, read Emma Thompson Speaks Out Against Human Trafficking.

Here we see “The Journey” articulated by Emma Thompson

“Journe”y is installed at Washington Place, off Washington Square Park in New York from today, November 10th until next Sunday November 15th. photos via Style Interviews

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