Joe Miller Sues Alaska for Accepting Write-in Ballot Misspellings of 'Murkowski'

RedTracker| Alaska Tea Party Senate hopeful Joe Miller sued Alaska’s lieutenant governor and Division of Elections in federal court, trying to stop the inclusion of write-in ballots that misspell current Senator Murkowski’s name. Miller argues that Alaska’s decision to consider “voter intent” when reading ballots isn’t part of state law.

Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiaihas previously pointed to Alaska cases in which voter intent was considered. It’s generally believed that Independent Lisa Murkowski has enough write-in votes that are ‘intended’ for her to claim victory. The outcome could take weeks.

The Washington Post reports The National Republican Senatorial Committee is asking donors to commit from $25 to $100 to Joe Miller’s campaign to hep ensure a fair count.Former Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee is also asking donors to help Miller, calling him “the true conservative outsider” in the race.