Joan Hendrick's As LIlith | Biblical 'It' Girl

Body|Beauty|Sexy Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks could join Crystal Renn as the answer to real women’s prayers. Featured on the cover of this week’s NYMag, the coluptuous Hendricks is much more of a male fantasy than thin women want to admit. Mind you, the gorgeous Hendricks is a healthy, average body medically-approved BMI weight, which just underscores how warped our brains have become in last few years.

Looking at the hair do, I couldn’t help thinking of Lilith, the bad-girl muse for everything bad in Biblical times. Score another confirmation that man’s greatest fear is female sexuality run amok.

The more we study and refresh our brains from studies long buried in our university educations, men have devoted their lives to investing social norms, religious edicts — you name it, men have invented reasons why female sexuality unleashed will destroy earth as we know it.

Yet anthropologists suggest that we’re far too nurturing to bring down the global house. Read on Joan Hendricks Reveals Our Inner Lilith Woman.