J&J Offers Subscription Stress Reduction Website for Women

Johnson & Johnson is using actress Angie Harmon in their new online stress management program, launching this month. RedTracker| Johnson & Johnson’s getting into the stress management busienss, with a website Upliv.com (not currently operational), a subscription website that’s frankly very pricey. It’s our understanding that J&J is also going in the aromatherapy product business, although that possibility isn’t discussed in the NYTimes article Stress Relief Online, Aromatherapy by Mail. 

For a monthly fee ($99.95 for the first month, $39.95 monthly thereafter), women first take an online stress analysis, which measures both their level of stress and aspects of their lives — like finances, career or relationships — that are the most enervating. Based on those responses, participants are given instructions for weekly sessions, which teach relaxation strategies like deep breathing. They also are sent articles from Upliv’s database and assigned tasks like writing about sources of stress, which can be saved in an online journal.

Victoria’s Secret has lowered its bra prices in this dreadful economy. We’ll watch with interest what happens with this J&J Internet rollout.