Jerusalem Construction & Commentary A Media Interest

Love | Peace Initially it didn’t seem worth mentioning that Israel today announced plans for 20 more homes in a Jewish development in the disputed section of Jerusalem. Officials challenged news media for even making the event newsworthy. 

The London Times puts the event in the larger perspective of Israel’s building initiatives in Jerusalem, as the world shakes its sleepy head on the subject of Israel and Palestine.

A Tel Aviv research centre said this week that since 1967, $17.4 billion (£12 billion) had been spent on Jewish settlements in the West Bank – excluding east Jerusalem.

The money has paid for 32,711 apartments, 22,997 houses and 5,534 caravans, 321 sports facilities, 271 synagogues and 96 ritual baths.

What’s clear is that Israel is honest when they say that they’ve done what they wanted to do in Jerusalem in the last 40 years. If the Western world, especially the US, said very little previously, no wonder Israel is so emboldened now. Anne