Jeremy Bernard Becomes First Male White House Social Secretary

New White House social secretary Jeremy Bernard (left) and former partner Rufus GiffordRedTracker| Jeremy Bernard, currently serving as chief of staff to the US ambassador to France, will become White House Social Secretary, the first man to hold the position.

Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart says of Bernard:

Bernard and I are friends. He will bring a certain warmth and irreverence to the job that will make him a joy for his colleagues to work with. His knowledge of the Obamas and his intense attention to detail will ensure that their vision for the people’s house continues seamlessly. And he has a reverence for the presidency and the meaning of the White House that will make him an imaginative steward of their image.

Jeremy Bernard and his then-partner Rufus Gifford backed Obama in California early in his campaign.

Bernard became a leading advocate on gay and lesbian issues while living in Los Angeles, writes the LA Times. “He served on advisory committees for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office, the Los Angeles Police Department and the mayor’s office, as well as working on behalf of A.N.G.L.E (Access Now for Gay and Lesbian Equality) and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.”

Bernard was the White House liaison at the National Endowment for the Humanities before dashing off to his Paris post in November 2010. We doubt he had time to perfect his souffles!