Jenny Sanford Is Amazingly Circumspect in Talking to Vogue About Her Husband's Love Affair(s)

South Carolina’s first lady Jenny Sanford is remarkably candid about her marriage and her feelings about the “other woman” in a September 2009 interview with Vogue Magazine.

South Carolina’s first lady Jenny Sanford in Vogue, Sept. 2009Sanford and her children have moved out of the governor’s mansion and will spend the next year out of the spotlight. Diane Sawyer praised Jenny Sanford as being classy and with race. She is both in this interview.

Clearly, Mrs. Sanford is a complex woman, not easily dismissed in her calm, rational explanation of her husband’s “addiction” and her empathy for the “other woman”. Ayn Rand is on the bookshelf, but so is Gabriel García Márquez. As her husband talks about his need for a soul mate, perhhaps Mrs. Sanford wouldn’t mind one of her own. The first lady is candid in admitting that she and her husband never enjoyed intense passion of the kind revealed in his love letters.