Jennifer Caserta's IFC Programming 'Too Good for Mainstream'

Dots| IFC’s Jennifer Caserta has a strategy for the fledgling cable channel that we understand. She seeks to acquire “critically acclaimed”, low-rated series such as Freaks and Geeks, while producting original programming too sophisticated for prime time, but desperately valued by smaller, loyal audiences.

Peeling The Onion: IFC just launched the Onion News Network, the first TV iteration of the newspaper turned website, complete with on-air reporters, local news stories, and White House “correspondents.” Caserta describes it as a spoof of Anderson Cooper 360, The Situation Room, and Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor. In a who-can-tell-what’s-real twist, the net is hosted by “Brooke Alvarez,” an anchor played by real-life former Fox Newser Suzanne Sena.

Caserta started out in the ad sales and marketing departments of Oxygen, the Food Network, and Court TV before joining IFC as vice president of marketing in 2004, writes Fast Company.

She left two years later to run Fuse, the music channel, but returned in 2007 to take over IFC’s TV and online programming as well as its marketing and communications. Can Caserta succeed with a strategy of creating programming “too good for the mainstream”. Yes, yes, and yes. We’re watching closely.