Japanese Theater Agrees Not To Show "The Cove"

GreenTracker| The showing of “The Cove” in Japan is now under seige, as nationalist groups battle the Japanese distributor Unplugged, alleging that support for the film reflects a betrayal of Japanese pride.

Takeshi Kato of Unplugged said he remained determined to show the film, and talks will continue with other theaters, even though Theater N Shibuya has bowed out of the controversy.

Most Japanese don’t eat dolphin meat, says AP.

If international politics isn’t your beat, the new, young Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama lasted eight months and will be replaced tomorrow. The balance of power between Japan and the US is key to the survival of prime ministers.

When it comes to the relentless slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, the Japanese say this is their business and no one else’s — and for certain, not Ric O’Barry’s. We’ve written extensively on human’s relationship with dolphins and are gearing up to again involve ourselves in this controversy. See all major articles on dolphin slaughter.