Jane Fonda Launches New Exercise DVDs for Aging Boomers

RoseTracker| Jane Fonda is back in the exercise video business — this time on DVD. Fonda believe — and we agree — that business isn’t investing in keeping aging boomers ‘sensual and superyoung’ (our term, not Fonda’s.) Jane Fonda may have an artificial hip and a new knee replacement, but she rocks on in her not-so-new relationship with music producer Richard Perry.

Staying physically active is a Must Do as we age. Being a couch potato is a sure fire way to be sick, listless, depressed and probably overweight. Fonda reminds us of medical research peppered all over AOC. For starters, regular exercise reduces the chance of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by about 50 percent.

Jane’s routine is heavy on stretching, marching, light weights and low-impact exercises and will be available in November 2010. via Daily Mail