Jamie Oliver's British Schools Show Good Results

Love to Eat| There are times when one knows that another writer has written better words than you can possibly muster in an hour. Reading up on Jamie Oliver’s ‘Rood Revolution’ program, we came to CNN Blogs:

The crumply Cockney teddy bear is not here to South Beach, Atkins, Master Cleanse or Michael Pollan your Cheez Doodle dimpled butt into starvation or Whole Foods-based bankruptcy. He just wants you and your kids to know what a fresh tomato looks like. And maybe eat one once in a while. Or he’ll cry. via CNN

We’ve been reading more positives than negatives about Jamie’s show.

While some Americans tell Jamie Oliver to beat it back to England, he may be on to something. Just today school executives in Britain say that the performance scores among school kids in his program have increased significantly in science and English and against the control groups.  The improvement is considered higher than in literacy classes. Read on via London Times