James Cameron's 'Avatar' Immerses Movie Viewer in Actor's Every Movement

The full length version of Avatar won’t open until December 2009ArtTracker| Tomorrow, Friday August 21st is Avatar day, and Hollywood cinema may never be the same. A full 15 minutes of teaser footage from the new 3D film Avatar will be shown in cinemas around the world.

As the film biz world asks if Avatar is it truly a game changer, the people who have seen the James Cameron  film — which won’t debut in its entirely until December 2009 — say “yes”.

So far, most successful 3D movies have been entirely animated.

The actors in Cameron’s Avatar, including Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana playing the female blue alien lead, donned motion-capture leotards covered with sensors. The technology feeds movements of the body back to computers, amplifying every movement.

In the case of capturing facial expressions, the skill cap worn by actors enhances every movement of eyes, mouth, cheekbones. Does the cap heighten emotional expression? Do we ‘feel more’ of the actors human essence?

James Cameron on set of Avatar Photograph: Mark Fellman/PicselectLarge portions of Avatar have been shot on a “virtual camera”, a handheld monitor allowing Cameron to move through a 3D landscape, editing the already computer-generated universe. Followers of Avatar say this technology will allow the cinema to become “the ultimate immersive media”.

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