J'Adore: Hillary Clinton in Smart Sensuality Red

Hillary Clinton and Tim Geitner. Photo: AFP/Getty ImagesReading the morning papers, I’m not alone in thinking that Michelle Obama wasn’t the only Smart Sensuality woman at last night’s President Obama speech before Congress.

Perhaps we’ve inspired Hillary to … well spread her sensual wings.

If you recall, I’m rooting for Hillary 110%. NOTHING would make me happier than to change this Smart Sensuality headline  No Cigar, But We Love Hillary Anyway to endorsing Hillary as a bona fide Smart Sensuality woman.

Perhaps Hillary understands that brilliant and competent as she is, uncovering her own “inner woman” might have put her on that Vogue cover — front and center with Michelle, Carla, Melinda (who’s far more sensual than I realized, now that I’m studying her photos) and Queen Rania.