Jabbar Collins Argues His Way Out of Jail, Against All Odds

Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry dismissed the case against Jabbar CollinsHopeTracker| Today’s WSJ has an in-depth article about Jabbar Collins who spent 5,546 days behind bars as inmate 95A2646, convicted in the high-profile murder of Brooklyn Rabbi Abraham Pollack.

The story of Mr. Collin’s release, against all odds, and the seemingly corrupt, self-protectionist actions in Brooklyn’s law enforement and judicial system should give us all pause.

WSJ is not a left-wing, commie-socialist, rag publication. The Jabbar Collins story is told calmly and in great detail by WSJ, in an excellent example of why we need good journalism.

Given the arbitrary nature of actions of prior judicial and law enforcement officals, one wonders if Jabbar Collins should thank God that Judge Dora Irizarry was assigned his appeal, in a maverick, last-ditch effort at the truth.

Justice is supposedly blind, but Mr. Collins is probably relieved that Judge Irizarry isn’t a member of the boys club. Take five minutes, and read on: A Solitary Jailhouse Lawyer ARgues His Way Out of Prison.