Italian Vogue Editor Franca Sozzani Says Galliano Was Drunk & Provoked in Video

DesignTracker| Vogue Italia editor France Sozzani weighed in after watching the now infamous phone video — the same video that we watched — and just watched again, looking for evidence of Sozzani’s argument that John Galliano was provoked into his racist, sexist video tirade.

It’s all in high definition – especially the sound – and the image is enviably composed. However, we aren’t clear about one thing: the video starts right at the moment when Galliano launches his tirade. So one or the other must be true: either whoever took it was a master of timing, or what we are seeing is a video created for this purpose. In other words, possibly it was made by holding the mobile in the hand waiting for the celebrity  – evidently provoked – to explode.

Of course we condemn the extremely seriously racist content of what he said (there’s even a hypothetical apology for Nazism).

We don’t want to go on an obsessive search for hidden motives, but perhaps behind this event are just some parvenus of journalistic scandal who, in our opinion, were waiting to have three minutes of video to sell to someone for a good deal.

We are not justifying at all his behaviour and we also think it’s grave and heavy what he said. We just wanted to point out how awkward it seems to listen to the voices of people recording: they seem to be messing with him.

Presumably Franca Sozzani will stand firm on behalf of John Galliano, arranging a position for him at Vogue Italia or representing one of Italy’s luxury brands. On our end, we’re clueless regarding the provocation she sees in the video. Since when is asking “You don’t believe in world peace?” a provocative question? Anne