Israelis Rally Around Gaza Flotilla Military Actions

Love | Peace In Israel reports are that internal support for the military action with the Gaza flotilla raid is both strong and growing.

Externally the international community, including the US,  is calling for an investigation. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon proposed a panel headed by former New Zealand Prime Minister Jeffrey Palmer, along with Israeli and Turkish representatives, according to Israeli media reports. 

Experts say that an Israeli-only investigation will have no legitimacy in the international community.

In the Israeli paper, Yediot Ahronot, the soldiers were lauded as “heroes” for extracting themselves from a surprise ambush “without suffering losses and without killing innocent people.”

A billboard outside of the headquarters of an Israeli military featured a message to the navy commandos: “Deep at sea, deep in our hearts.” via Christian Science Monitor

Musicians are canceling concert commitments in Israel. The Pixies are the latest on a growing list that includes rock singer Elvis Costello, jazz performer Gil Scott-Heron and the legendary Carlos Santana.