Israel Signals Desire for New Inspection Solutions for Gaza

Love | Peace  Off the record comments from Israeli officials suggest that the government is “exploring new ways” of allowing goods to reach Gaza. Israel remains committed to inspecting every ship for weapons or terrorist materials, but suggests the nation will be responsive to an international chorus shouting and whispering quietly that the present policies in Gaza are untenable. 

Israel’s Channel 2 television news reported on Thursday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had proposed to Tony Blair, the international envoy of the so-called quartet of Middle East peacemakers, that an international naval force inspect future aid ships bound for Gaza.  via NYTimes

The MV Rachel Corrie is in the Mediterranean en route to Gaza, where it could arrive late tomorrow or Sat. morning, writes CNN. AFP puts the arrival date on Mon. 

Earlier Thursday, a Free Gaza Movement activist told CNN that the Rachel Corrie delayed its voyage while it was being equipped with video and satellite devices to to record what is happening on the vessel.

Israel has made it clear that it will intercept the ship and has offered to receive its cargo. The Irish government is negotiating safe passage for the esteemed group on board the MV Rachel Corrie, including Nobel laureate Malread Maguire. See yesterday’s report