Israel | Palestine Peace Joke Update

Love | Peace In what we perceive to be a ‘how stupid does Israel think we are’ reaction to their ‘accidentally-timed’ announcement of building 1600 new housing units in Ramat Shlomo, Israel’s Prime Minister sought to put a different spin on the housing project, saying it might not be built for years.

Israel runs a masterfully-tight ship and the announcement was perfectly-timed, in our opinion.

The Jerusalem Post reports that US Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Tel Aviv University, saying he realized that construction in east Jerusalem “is a very touchy subject in Israel,” but because Israel’s decision to advance the housing project, in his view, “undermined the trust required to conduct the negotiations, I – at the request of President Obama – condemned it immediately.”

The Jerusalem Post is running an a editorial Netanyahu wants peace. Does the PA? The editorial charges that people like me are heavily influenced by misguided notions propagated by the discredited Israeli Left and Palestinian propaganda, are not in sync with regional realities and entertain unrealistic expectations.

This is probably true. After watching Bibi with his good friend Pastor Hagee yesterday, I’m convinced he wants the region to go up in nuclear war.

They are Fundamentalists who seek Armageddon and the Promised Land, the subject of this week’s dinner honoring the special Christian-Jewish bond. I don’t make this up. The media just can’t discuss it. Watch the video from March 8th. And you wonder why we can’t make any progress in the region?

Fundamentalists don’t want peace. Period. American Conservatives are back in high gear, and this alliance is unbreakable. America has no political will now, in terms of standing up to Conservatives, so there will be no peace in the region. They don’t want peace. It’s against their religious values. The rest of us are involved in mental masturbation thinking there’s a rational solution here.

There is nothing rational in this entire situation. This is about the next coming of God. The Vatican is too busy to comment because they’ve announced that the Devil is in the Vatican.

These are the men running our world. From my perspective it’s appalling, but this is what the people want. The people are 50% women, so we must want it, too. I am the odd person out here, thinking that mass religious hysteria and thirst for blood and violence is running the world, from all sectors.

In New York, the NYTimes has an article Palestinian Family’s Eviction Stirs Old Ghosts in a Contested City, that attempts to view the situation from the standpoint of Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

The BBC weighs in with Peace talks ‘difficult’ for Abbas amid settlement row.

Earlier today Leila Ghanem, the first woman to become a Palestinian governor cancelled a ceremony that faced massive opposition from Israel. Ghanem cancelled the planned unveiling of a Ramallah traffic circle named in honor of a female fighter who led a 1978 bus hijacking in Israel that killed 38 people. The woman, Dalal Mughrabi, was killed in the attack. via AP

Ghanem runs a staff of 40, most of them men, and insists on being called “governor,” or “mohafez” in Arabic, not the feminine form of the title, “mohafeza.” She dresses in a modern Muslim style, in a pants suit and headscarf, and prays five times a day according to Islamic rules — but she won’t allow journalists see her in worship, saying she doesn’t want to be misunderstood as a fanatic.

“I don’t preach religion,” Ghanem said. via AP

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