Israel Misreads American Tea Leaves

Love | Peace A quick update on the US|Israeli settlement row. From our perspective, Israel isn’t reading the tea leaves well on this topic.

Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to believe that the problem is focused on ‘the insult’. Yes, their treatment of America was insulting beyond belief.

The world of fundamentalist, Orthodox men of every religion plays with brass balls. Their objectives are about power, conquering, muscle and insults.

Believing that the Conservatives are coming to power again, just a year after leaving town, Bibi — whose government is totally dependent on the most fundamentalist of settlers — sees a brand new post-Obama day.

Bibi may get back in bed with his right-wing pals, but at least the women of the world are saying ‘enough’. For certain Liz Cheney — considerably more Conservative than her father, if that’s possible — is Bibi’s girl. Sarah Palin is on the Bibi Express for God as well.

We believe large numbers of international women are grabbing for each other, saying the insanity must stop. We are lead by Hillary Clinton and Queen Rania. Through this lens, what happened last week was a sobering up moment.

Sometimes a slap in the face is a good experience. A woman lifts her head up and says ‘enough’.

The average American doesn’t really even know what’s going on in Israel. If you believe in God, you support Israel. Period. Average Americans must inform themselves about the conflict. It’s our economy that’s supporting all these wars. It’s our standard of living, our children’s futures that are supporting the Jewish settlers.

If this choice is a popular one, great. I believe in democracy.

All I know is that Anne of Carversville has a real problem supporting a Western Wall that women can’t even pray at. Americans are expected to support the most Orthodox Jewish mentality — people who would spit on me, if they met me. They won’t touch me for fear of contamination.

My readers want to understand just what we’re fighting for. Not the rhetoric, but the facts. In my life, I have never supported zealots of any religion or political party.

In the coming weeks, we will lay out the history of the Jewish|Palestinian|Christian world for our readers: the good, the bad and the ugly. How the heck did we get into this mess, and how will we get out of it. Inquiring minds want to know.

The Israelis mobilized at least one American last week to talk about the facts, to inform myself and my readers. I’ve been watching religious history TV intensely for the last three months and frankly, it makes me weep.

My position is that the world’s men and a few Conservative will kill us all. Women, children and thinking men deserve a voice in these global decisions. To be continued … Anne