Israel Limits Influence of Its Allies

Love | Peace Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to America has underscored the the reality that “the relationship between the two allies is changing, in ways that are unsettling for Israel’s supporters”, writes the Washington Post.

Visiting Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received warm applause at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference on Monday night when he bluntly dismissed U.S. demands to end housing construction in the disputed part of Jerusalem. He was greeted as a hero when he visited Capitol Hill on Tuesday. via Washington Post

Yet, the Obama Administration’s welcome reflected the cooling in the US-Israel relationship, as the WH increasingly folds Israel into the total fabric of international relations and America’s military commitments. 

Britian’s Foreign Office warned its citizens today to beware in traveling to Isael that their passport details could be captured for “improper uses”. 

The action follows Britain’s expulsion of an Israeli diplomat and its accusation that the Israeli government was responsible for forging British passports used in an international murder plot against Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Tuesday that there are “compelling reasons” to believe Israel was behind it. via CNN