Is There Too Much Testosterone on Wall Street?

HopeTracker| Building on this week’s NYMagazine story “If Women Ran Wall Street”, Anne has updated her story from Fall 2008 “Wall Street Needs Two Queens and a Great Dame”. Her reference point was an 800 point drop in the stock market that coincided with the QE2s last departure from New York.

Living in Wall Street, Anne watched the QE2 meet her younger Cunard sibling the Queen Mary and made a grand gesture to the Statue of Liberty before crossing the Atlantic in Oct 2008.

We believe that estrogen is needed not only in Wall Street but in American politics. Thinking about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, Anne’s thinking about women in power and how there’s only machismo in America.

The question is: should cowboys rule the world? Read on Perfect Marriage | Estrogen for Testosterone in Wall Street.

Also links to QE2 videos.