Is The Bopal Scarf Ban A Love-Buster

Beyond the Veil| Indian authorities in Bopal, the Madhya Pradesh capital, have ‘banned’ women and girls riding two-wheelers with their faces covered.

The Bhopal order, similar to that by the Pune police after last month’s bakery blast, is ostensibly for security reasons. But, sources said, the ban is aimed at moral policing and curbing incidents of elopement and mixed marriages between Hindus and Muslims.

The article is a complex look at cultural relations, issues, and women’s rights in India. It also raises a fascinating new topic around full-coerage clothing. When the young Muslim woman is wearing niqag in Bhopal, she’s not recognizable and free to move more freely, including meeting Hindu men.

Fascinating, to put the subject mildly. Once again life has much grey matter.  Anne Read on at The Telegraph Calcutta Scarf ban on girls sparks love-buster buzz.