Is Sweden America's Future Family Model?

Ludde Omholt with his son, Love, in Södermalm, a bohemian and culturally rich district in Stockholm. From Swedish capital to the villages south of the Arctic Circle, 85 percent of Swedish fathers now take parental leave.RedTracker| The Scandinavian countries are light years ahead of America on issues like parental leave and the larger spectrum of gender rights and relations. While Conservatives condemn Scandinavian’s progressive views of marriage and custody laws, the facts are that Scandinavia’s children are thriving compared to America’s. 

The role of men in children’s and women’s lives is at the heart of the evolution. The Female Factor take an in-depth look at Sweden’s sociological evolution and transformation of men and visions of masculinity.

The determined resistance in America to keep women and family structure in traditional roles must be filtered through the lens of life in Sweden. It’s the big scare for patriarchy. Read on In Sweden, the Men Can Have It All.