Is It Time for America's Young Girls To 'Kick Ass'

RedTracker| No this is not Sarah Palin’s daughter, but Palin would approve. She said last night in Charlotte: ‘I AM the NRA’.

Meet ‘Hit Girl’, girl heroine of the cult flick “Kick Ass”. Psychology Today introduces the story in detail.

In the first scene where Hit Girl (a.k.a. Mindy) appears, her father (played rather brilliantly by Nicolas Cage) and she stand in a vacant lot. She wears a bullet-proof vest and Daddy shoots her repeatedly to toughen her up, all the while calling her Baby Doll as she protests that she wants ice cream. via Psychology Today

The film has horrified many but also has an equally great following. Writer Karen Dill isn’t convinced of “Kick Ass’s” positive role for young women, but gives the film a fair hearing. Read on after you watch this trailer.

Kick Ass Baby Doll Shooting Scene