Is It Legal for Us to Discuss this Ralph Lauren Ad in America?

The Ralph Lauren lawyers tell us that we cannot discuss this ad. Anne here, seriously annoyed with the folks at Ralph Lauren this morning. I’m a corporate citizen but every once in awhile, even I can’t defend our tactics. Simply stated, Boing Boing casually referred factually to a model in a new Ralph Lauren ad. It’s true: her head is bigger than her pelvis.

Now Boing Boing has Ralph Lauren — the great American brand —  lawyers all over them. Bravo — they’re hanging tough on what has to be a flimsy case. If it isn’t, well we’re in far worse trouble in America than even I believe.

So now the Ralph Lauren lawyers can pull the ad off three places on Anne of Carversville, and I will post also on Sexy Futures. It’s on my Facebook and Tumblr, too. If you have any interest in this first amendment discussion, you might post it yourself.

Perhaps we all need to know legally where we stand on this subject. My understanding of the law is that we can comment on an ad that has become part of public domain. Anne