Is Google Declaring Itself the 21st Century General Electric?

FutureTracker| Does Google intend to transform itself into a 21st century, green-energy, hi-tech General Electric? Via Reuters we learn that Google has announced its investment in “a superhighway for clean energy’. See Google blog and Green Beings, where we share details of the project, including the politics.

This weekend’s NYT ran a major story about Google’s test-driving robotic cars, working closely with Google-Stanford engineer and scientist Sebastian Thrun.

We hope that the innovative minds at Google can triumph over America’s prevailing belief that there’s little serious need to action on the environment. (Image from New Mexico Independent Tea Party gathering).

The Google announcement on wind power is the second major energy-related announcement to circumvent Washington politics, where Republicans embrace coal power and oil for America’s future, and Democrats don’t have the votes internall and with Republicans to ‘go green’.

US Military and Renewable Energy

Tired of watching American oil tank convoys getting blow to bits in Pakistan, the US Military Targets 50 Percent Renewable Energy by 2020.

The good news is that futurististic-thinking companies like Google and the US Military are moving, while Congress argues whether or not action is needed on a problem that may or may not exist.

Tea Party Politics

All agree that introducing renewable energy will not be easy.

The Tea Party is determined to take away much federal power and could propose legislation to limit President Obama’s powers in federal waters offshore, where the new Google project is planned from New Jersey to Virginia. They have already declared new legislation to limit the President’s powers to create national parks. The TP has not informed whether or not they will also try to limit the powers of the US military to move towards renewable energy.

Stay tuned. Our fingers are crossed that smart brains will get America moving towards renewable energy, rather than turning the country back to mama grizzlies. No offence is intended to these magnificent creatures. Reality is mama grizzlies just aren’t adept at planning America’s energy future — not that Harvard MBAs automatically have the skills either.