Is Generation Y Gearing Up for Longer-Term Transformation of America

HopeTracker| The Nation revisits the Obama campaign generation, painting a more dynamic picture of Obama’s young campaigners post-campaign than previous articles. There’s a book on the docket, but the Nation’s tracking and interviews with these young people put them in a more knowledgeable position to talk about them.

Photo via ReutersWithout suggesting that there’s no reality check mentality among the Obama campaigners, Elizabeth Mendez Berry writes that once switched on, activism doesn’t die a quick death.

In this video and in the in-depth Nation article, the argument is strong and definitive that large numbers of young Americans were mobilized around issues and concepts larger than themselves. Call it the power of civic engagement and a youthful activism not seen in 40 years. 

Some plan to use the tools they learned to hold the man they elected accountable. More want to advance their own issues on their own terms. But none of them want to be Associate No. 27 at a corporate law firm. If the Nation is correct, that this story about young Americans is just beginning and hardly in the wind-down phase.

Obama’s Youth, One Year Later