Is 'Eve Teasing' Misnamed 'Adam Terrorising?'

Beyond the Veil| In India, more women than ever are asserting their rights, learning to use their “dupatta” or elegant Indian scarf known as a symbol of female modesty, as a martial arts self-defense weapon. 

“Fling it over the attacker’s neck, pull him, go for the final thrust and he will be thrown on the ground in front of your eyes,” shouts a police officer as she demonstrates her moves at a civilian training session in New Delhi. via AFP

The article references ‘Eve teasing’, last discussed when Bangladesh declared June 13 “Eve Teasing Protection Day”. 

Following the topic, we post a provocative, illuminating essay written by Irene Khan for The Daily Star (Bangladesh) asking Eve teasing or Adam terrorising? 

What’s happening is sexual terrorism. It is terrorism, because it harms the victims psychologically as well as physically. It is terrorism because the perpetrator uses asymmetrical power to subjugate, frighten and destroy his victims.

Governments respond to international terrorism by curtailing human rights in the name of national security. Society and families in Bangladesh are responding to sexual terrorism by curbing women’s freedom in the expectation of greater physical security. But the War on Terror showed that sacrificing liberty to gain security ends up damaging both. The same is true of sexual terrorism. Women are facing ever greater restrictions on their freedom, but are not any safer.