Is China Closing Its Doors, Now That America Has Closed Our Factories?

GlobeTracker| Global multinationals are reassessing their business relationships with China, as the evolving largest economy in the world does the same with them. The world ‘globalization’, so popular in Western circiles and one that closed most factories in America isn’t the buzz world in China these days.China doesn’t want our expertise or goods, based on evolving developments with business investment and operations in the country.

Are we looking at the next big global mistake? Part two of the global recession?

We asked Monday if Chinas had the last laugh in a bad play not yet fully acted out. Newsweek featured the tough questions and now the Wall Street Journal picks up the theme Business Sours on China.

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GlobeTracker| This week’s Newsweek cover story on China presents an interesting vision of the future. Naturally China is primarily focused on its own interests in business, culture and international relations. China prefers not to invest its energy in primarily American-dominated international institutions but in emerging ones where the playing field is more level.