Is America's Mounting Anxiety Over Islam Justified?

HopeTracker| As Sept. 11 approaches, coinciding this year with the end of Ramadan, the embroiled arguments around building an Islamic center/mosque near Ground Zero, and a surge in America’s Tea Party movement, we will post articles that dig under the covers of these issues and the larger global debate around Islam.

Anne of Carversville was founded around the events of Ground Zero, Anne’s home in New York, as well as Carversville, her getaway place in Bucks County, Pa. Anne chose to live right at Ground Zero, in the little building that didn’t fall down, to be part of the rebuilding process.

A globalist and open-minded thinker, Anne is also deeply committed to the New York firefighters, opposed to fundamentalism of every religion, and a clear-headed realist on the subject of terrorism.

She believes that fundamentalists in general want her dead, not only Muslim fundamentalists. We are as fearful of the Christian fundamentalist minister of the misnamed “Dove World Outreach Center”  who will burn the Koran on Sept. 11, as we are of Al-Qaeda.

This Christian Science Monitor article: Mosque debate: Behind America’s anxiety over Islam adds valuable insights to the conversation.