Iran's Clerics Demand Crackdown on Women's Dress

Beyond the Veil| In Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati has called for a crackdown on Iranian women’s dress codes, beginning with “government employees and students.”  Ayatollah Jannati made it clear that the success of Iranian women in earning their University degrees may be contingent on their conformity to the state’s interpretation of Islamic dress codes.

Iran’s Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution adopted a plan two years ago to enforce both chastity the the wearing of the hijab, but it was blocked.

In Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran, Ayatollah Ahmad Alam-al-Hoda also demanded reforms in women’s dressing. “Badly veiled women and girls are like foot soldiers of the United States. Our enemies intend to pull the rug of religion from under the feet of our youth by spreading bad veil in the society,” as reported by Fars News Agency.

Ultimately, Alam-al-Hoda said women’s dress has an effect on men. “Anytime badly veiled women and girls sport strong makeup to deviate a young man from the right path, the enemy will be pleased with victory. These badly veiled women are knowingly or unknowingly fighting on the enemy’s front.”  via LA Times