Iowa Sends A Message | America Will No Longer Have Independent Judges

HopeTracker| In a move that is sending chills through many thinking people in America, Iowa Conservatives — with much help from outside contributors — have decided that the judiciary no longer exists as an independent body, or a third branch of government, to interpret the Constitution.

Being equally smart, Conservatives say that ‘the people’ govern these matters, not the courts. Judges exist to implement the will of the people. Presumably, according to the logic, women wouldn’t have the vote and the majority of African Americans in America would still be slaves.

From its first decision in 1839, the Iowa Supreme Court demonstrated a willingness to push ahead of public opinion on matters of minority rights, ruling against slavery, school segregation and discrimination decades before the national mood shifted toward racial equality. via New York Times

Those days in America, say Conservatives, are over. ‘The people’ have spoken.