Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Seductive - Make Love Aromatic

Intelligent Nutrients: Reinventing Beauty

A year after introducing us to Horst Rechelbacher’s new upscale organic beauty line Intelligent Nutrients, I’m loving the idea of selling Inteligent Nutrients here on Anne of Carversville. The decision was made for me, writing about Norma Kamali today and learning that she sells Intelligent Nutrients in her Wellness Café on W. 55 St.

Norma believes that living well is solution-based. Consider it your sensual strategic plan. Now that’s a new concept I must dream about tonight.

Rechelbacher has teamed up with the Mayo Clinic to develop his skin care line and all the products sold in his Intelligent Nutrients collection. The founder of Aveda believes — like Norma Kamali — that food is medicine.

“Food as medicine is real,” he says. “Working with the medical profession, instead of just the hairdressers like I did with Aveda, gives me more credibility and people will pay more attention to my products.”

For instance, his Intellimune Oil and Intellimune Tablets are so high in antioxidants that two teaspoons of the oil or four tablets are equivalent to the seeds of 10 pounds of grapes, raspberries, or cranberries. Passionately believing that what goes on your body should be just as safe as the things you eat, he created his skin-care line with this in mind, calling it “skin food.” The skin care seems to have one main goal: anti-aging, the natural and safe way. It will consist of four certified-organic items: Anti-Aging Cleanser, Anti-Aging Mist, Anti-Aging Serum, and Anti-Aging Moisturizer, all made from seed-oil complex, acai, argan, and essential oils.

Intelligent Nutrients® aromatics are the first scents to be made with certified organic food ingredients and flavors. You won’t find any petrochemically derived ingredients, and aromatics are made with certified organic essential oils and flavors to enable multi-functional uses.

Of course I’m intrigued with the product Certified Organic Seductive - Make Love

I’ll be candid in a not very sophisticated way. Looking at this lovely love potion, I’m not sure what to do with it, and there’s no information on Amazon. Intelligent Nutrients gives us a love bulletin:

Multi-functional aroma designed for sensuality and intimacy, this warm, sweet and sensuous blend is filled with intoxicating aphrodisiac properties of nutmeg, clove and rich vanilla.  This passionate trio of oils creates an exotic and tantalizing bouquet while a touch of organic blackberry melts the heart.

Suitable for both men and women, this multi-functional aromatic is created to renew and invigorate one’s mind, body and senses.

You simply must try it! Purchase here.

Each of the ingredients has medically-established aphrodisiac qualities, a story I’ll pursue shortly.

Shop all the Intelligent Nutrients products at Amazon, while I learn more for us about these innovative new beauty products. Anne

Horst Rechelbacher’s Upscale Organic Beauty: Intelligent Nutrients

I chose the Seductive - Make Love aromatic as part of other items also inspired by Norma Kamali.