India's High Court Backs Photos of Burqa-Wearing Women for Voting

Beyond the Veil| In an important ruling India’s Election Commission defended its right to require photos of all voters in Indian elections. Muslims protested the law, saying that it violated the rights of burqa-wearing women to practice their religion.

The apex court bench headed by Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan said that burqas cannot be considered an essential or intelgrated part of Islam. Protecting the democratic process of voting in India requies a photo. The court granted time to the petitioner, M. Ajmal Khan and the Election Commission to sort out the issue.

Khan’s father Munavar Khan is general secretary of Madurai’s All Muslim Jamath Rights Protection Council.

We published last Nov 2009 our concerns about increasingly strict governmance of Muslim women in India.(See below).

We’re working now on an article on microfinance, which is also penalizing Muslim women in the region — if you believe that preventing a women from borrowing money and organizing a small business is a penalty. Obviously, the Muslim leaders who insist that women not accept microoans and also abandon payments on existing loans requiring payment of interest (as being against Shariah laws), do not believe that these new laws are harmful to Muslim women. Anne via The Hindu

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