India Redevelops Ancient Medicines with Cow Dung, Urine

GreenTracker| India’s cow catchers in Delhi, India must be careful. In the eyes of India’s millions of Hindus, the cow is a holy animal that is sacred and cannot be harmed. As a source of meat and milk, labor and religious inspiration, cows play a central role in modern life.

Because of their exhalted status, cows roam free in India, writes PBS. It’s considered good luck to give them a little snack for breakfast. A citizen can be sent to jail for killing a cow. So revered are cows that Delhi’s 13 million residents share the streets with an estimated 40,000 cows. In today’s Delhi, about 100 urban cowboys are charged with catching and shipping cows outside the city limits, or perhaps to a special reserve where they are cared for.

In researching the use of ancient Amazonian biochar to reduce the nitrous oxide in cow urine, a potentially huge advancement in the battle to contain greenhouse gases, we learned that cows are also featuring prominently in the development of new medicines in India.

“God resides in cow dung,” says Kesari Gumat, as he walks through his Ahmedabad, India laboratory where researchers mix bovine excreta with medicinal herbs and monitor beakers of simmering cow urine.

Discovery News continues: “These formulas are not new,” Gumat said. “They are contained in ancient Hindu holy texts. We are just making them with a scientific approach.”

In this engaging article we learn all the health properties of cow dung, incuding Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s urine-based soft drink brought to market last year as a ‘healthy’ alternative to Coke and Pepsi.