India Proposes New Transparency Rules for Climate Change Bodies

GreenTracker| India wants greater transparency and more participation from developing countries in the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change.

India also recommends that every IPCC report should include a separate chapter including all divergent views and that the entire draft report should be sent to all known ‘climate sceptics’ unding the review process; that the influential Review for Policymakers undergo a targeted review of conclusions; that grey literature not receive the same weight as peer-reviewed science.

India called for complete transparency. Everything — from the CVs of the scientists selected and rejected as experts, to all the literature cited in the reports, to all data and assumptions used for running climate models and projections — should be made available in the public domain on the IPCC website.

“[The] Need for confidentiality on contents during the IPCC report preparation is appreciated, but [the] need for extensive confidentiality on the process is not warranted. Maybe introduce a “Right to Information” system in whole IPCC and UNFCCC processes,” suggested the Ministry’s note. via The Hindu