Increasing Maternal Mortality & Emigration of Female Health Care Workers

Beyond the Veil| Ministers meeting at the UN Population Fund meeting in Addis Ababa said that maternal mortality is increasing in some nations.

An important news angle emerged in the meetings regarding trained midwives leaving Africa to work in the US. The government of Ethiopia says that the country has more trained midwives working now in Chicago, than in Ethiopia.

In response to the problem, the government of Ethiopia is drawing up contracts with girls without access to further education, giving them a full scholarship in exchange for six years work in the country.

This BBC News report is ringing alarm bells in my head, given the nursing shortage that the U.S. is looking at in coming years. I believe Japan has the same problem.

Will developed countries compete with underdeveloped ones for qualified nurses? Is this another life or death challenge with competing interests? Will better opportunities and lifestyles for women outside of poor countries inspire them to leave home, emigrating as health care professionals? Anne