In Israel It's Time to Give Women a Chance

RedTracker| In March 2009 we had high hopes that America’s Secy of State Hillary Clinton and her counterpart Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni would reignite an interest for peace in the Middle East. The two women failed when Livni’s opposition bid to become Israel’s prime minister failed last fall. Livni won the most votes but couldn’t construct a governing colition without including the settlers who are glued to land that’s theirs until God returns.

We agree with NYTimes Tom Friedman columnist who wrote:

 … when Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s government rubbed his nose in some new housing plans for contested East Jerusalem, the vice president missed a chance to send a powerful public signal: He should have snapped his notebook shut, gotten right back on Air Force Two, flown home and left the following scribbled note behind: “Message from America to the Israeli government: Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. And right now, you’re driving drunk. You think you can embarrass your only true ally in the world, to satisfy some domestic political need, with no consequences? You have lost total contact with reality. Call us when you’re serious. We need to focus on building our country.” via NYTimes

While we’re not neutral on this subject, we share an opposing view from Ruchard Z Chesnoff: Israel: Doing No Right, Doing No Wrong via Huff Po.

Chesnoff tells a joke from the early days of Israel’s new born state days.

 … someone suggests that the solution is for Israel to declare war on the U.S.

“Are you mishuganeh (crazy)” the assembly shouts! “The Americans would defeat us in an hour!”

“Of course,” says the proposer. “But look what happened to Germany and Japan! The US defeated them, then spent millions building up their economies”.

“Yeah,” counters another, “but what happens if we win?”.

I like this joke. In fact, it could be great for Israel to underwrite rebuilding America’s endless costs for supporting the region. We remind our readers, we’re just as disgusted with Hamas and the Palestinians, as with Israel.

We want estrogen replacing all the testosterone in the region. The Boys Club has accomplished nothing but heart ache in the region. It’s time to give women a chance. Anne

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