In India, Gibbs Fights Physically for 'White House 8' Reporters

HopeTracker| If President Obama was engaged in a physical love fest with India’s Prime Minister Singh this morning, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs earned his stripes with American journalists, threatening to pull President Obama out of his bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, if the American eight reporters weren’t allowed in as planned, versus the five reporters now demanded by the Indian press official. 

Negotiations were going on behind the scene among the Indian and American press pools, with no progress.

Arriving on the scene, Gibbs bluntly told the Indian official, “All of these guys are going in. That’s the new agreement.” Other reports say that Gibbs labeled the reporters “the White House 8”.

Pool reports are that Gibbs had his foot in the door, with the Indians pushing hard to close it. “In an angry shouting match, Gibbs asked the officials if they were going to break his foot as he repeated his threat to pull Obama,” says Politico.

Apparently, the inner romance between Singh and Obama hasn’t been so rosy between the Indian and American entourages covering the meetins. Read on at Politico.