In Britain Teen Girls Obesity Skyrockets

Love to Eat| As America’s first Lady Michelle Obama initiates her new pro-healthy diet for kids initiative, the results of a British study about young people’s eating habits borders on terrifying. And girls are the worst offenders.

The study from Britain’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey, found that 37 per cent of teenage girls are overweight and 22 per cent are classified as obese. Among boys of the same age, 35 per cent are overweight but only 16 per cent are obese.

In smoking and drinking, the girls leave boys in the dust. Eleven per cent of girls aged 13 to 15 drink every week versus 1 percent of boys. 29 per cent of the young teenage girls smoked, and boys 16 percent. Read on Eating, Smoking, Drinking Habits of British Girls Are Terrifying Love to Eat