In Australia Older Women | Younger Men Trend Grows

Photo: Jacky GhosseinRedTracker| Australia reports that the so-caled cougar phenomenon of older women and younger partners is growing.

Part of the trend is driven by demographics, an oversupply of single women aged 40 to 54, compated with men in the same age bracket.

In 1986 single women aged 40-54, represented 19 percent of single women in australia. Now they are 27 percent. In Australian’s 2006 census 24 percent of men were age 40 to 54.

Demographer Bernard Salt said cougars were a product of female empowerment over the past 20 years. ”These women are educated, they are successful in life and work and they are not afraid or shamed to be single as I think was the case, unfortunately, for men and women in the 1980s and earlier. via Sydney Morning Herald