In America Fewer Prime Marrying Age Couples Say 'I Do'

RedTracker| In our Hallmark American world, you might be surprised to learn that for the first time in the history of tracking US marriage trends, launched in 1880, more Americans of prime marrying age have stayed single rather than saying “I do”.

High divorce rates, rising co-habitation and a tendency to delay marriage confirm that our “Goodbye Mayberry” trend confirms what WSJ calls a ‘teutonic’ shift in marriage and relationships that began in the 1960s.

America lags the European countries in moving away from marriage and into legal partnerships.

The long-term slide in marriage rates has pushed the proportion of married adults of all ages to 52% in 2009, according to the Census, the lowest share in history. In 1960, 72.2% of adults over 18 were married. via WSJ