If Women Ran Wall Street . . .

RedTracker| We’re eager to read the NYMagazine story What If Women Ran Wall Street?. After watching the demise of American politics and the global economic meltdown, the guys aren’t looking so smart. If the truth is told, many gender stereotypes may be exactly the opposite.

The Nancy Pelosi haters say she’s so ‘god damn rational.’ Hillary Clinton gets similar compliments. While men are screaming ‘baby killer’ in Congress, are women actually the calmer, more rational, peacekeeping sex? Researchers claim that men are more ideological and women more practical.

Being responsible for keeping babies alive, women are only interested in rhetoric for so long. Otherwise, we starve the kids and become extinct.  You’ll be hearing from us on this critical topic. Anne

Speaking of Wall Street and men, here’s my gem reflection from last week:

Women’s Rights and the Sperm Fight in Jerusalem